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San Luis Peak
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14,014 feet

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Friday, September 26th, 2003, taking advantage of a good weekend weather forecast, Suzy and I headed down to Creede, Colorado for an ascent of San Luis Peak. After a late night arrival and an early morning wake up Saturday, we left the West Willow Creek Trailhead at 7:05 A.M., heading for San Luis' south ridge.

About one hour into the approach, we finally had enough light for a good shot of the southwest face of the peak. This route follows the Continental Divide and Colorado Trails, and the scenery, especially this time of year, was beautiful.

Early morning shot of the southwest face of San Luis Peak.

Coming up on the second of three passes we had to cross on the South Ridge route, this view looking northwest shows the magnificent autumn colors created by all the aspen groves. We couldn't have picked a better weekend for this trip.

Above treline, looking down at the magnificent autumn colors created by all the aspen groves around San Luis Peak.

Just east of the trail, approaching the 3rd pass now, was this cool looking outcropping of pinnacles. Once over this final pass, all we had left was the steep ascent of the south ridge itself.

Outcropping of pinnacles near the the 3rd pass, approaching San Luis Peak from the West Willow Creek Trailhead.

Suzy, just five minutes short of the Summit, stopped to get another glimpse of this unbelievably beautiful San Juan Range autumn day; I stopped to catch my breath.

Resting on the southeast ridge, just 5 minutes short of the summit of San Luis Peak.

While there was some haze this day, the fall colors in the view from the summit of San Luis Peak were still great.

View of the autumn colors,looking southwest from the summit of San Luis Peak.

On Uncompahgre a few weeks earlier, I was unable to positively identify San Luis Peak; however, finding Wetterhorn, Matterhorn (a 13er), and Uncompahgre Peaks looking west from the summit of San Luis was not a problem.

It had taken us 3 hours and 45 minutes to reach the peak of San Luis from the West Willow Creek Trailhead 4x4 parking, and after a 45 minute lunch, taking our time with all the good weather, we started back down.

Wetterhorn, Matterhorn, and Uncompahgre Peaks, from the summit of San Luis Peak.

Nearing the end of the trip and with San Luis Peak in the background, Suzy and I wound our way up toward the third and final pass in our descent back to the trailhead. This is an agonizing pass to get over in the heat of the day, but with a cold beer waiting on the other side, we managed to do it. Seven and a half hours after leaving the trailhead, we dropped our packs and popped the tops. This was a good day!

One last shot of the south side of San Luis Peak as we descend back down to the trailhead.

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