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Poacher’s Rock / Mount Boner
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Oct 30th, 2004

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Poacher's Rock (AKA Punk Rock) and Mount Boner, part of the Ironclads - 20 minutes south of Estes Park, Colorado, are more of a local crag than a destination. For whatever reason though, I find myself there about once a year. These two formations are the easiest of the Ironclads group to reach, and have absolutely no approach, assuming you have a vehicle you don't mind taking up the rough roads.

While the rock is definitely worth climbing if you're there, the signs of overuse in the area really put a damper on the experience. The scars from unrestricted camping, ATV's, and parties seem to be everywhere.

Poacher's Rock, also known as Punk Rock

Mount Boner, just north of Poacher's Rock