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Monkey Skull
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Saint Vrain Canyon

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Yesterday, Sunday May 4th, 2003, was another day of climbing with great quality. I've driven through the South St. Vrain area before, near Lyons, Colorado, but this was my first time climbing there. The rock is granite, and seemed to have surprisingly good friction. We only got two climbs in on the Monkey Skull formation (see picture below) but they were both good. We warmed up on a 5.8+ called Casual Route: the shallow left right-facing dihedral corner on the face. This climb is fun and sustained, and will really pump your calves. We also toproped a face climb just left of that called Fringe Dweller (5.10c) which is worth the time after rapping down from Casual Route.

Monkey Skull, South St. Vrain, Lyons Area, Colorado