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Colorado Rockies
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For me, the fun started when I moved to Wyoming, my son was born, and I bought a Jeep. My son, Steve, and I started playing around in the mountains, and eventually made our way up a few of Colorado's 14ers. This shot was taken from the top of Mt Elbert (the highest peak in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains) August 1995. A cloud came in from the backside and hit us hard for about 30 minutes.

Late summer afternoon snow storm on top of Mt Elbert

One late summer day, August 1997, I ran into a family of Mountain Goats coming down from Grays and Torreys peaks and got this shot.

Mountain goat just off the trail to Grays and Torreys Peak

Here, my son Steve is showing his "happy to be here, finally!" look after a long trip up Snowmass Mountain. We had attempted this the year before, but hit the wrong peak: a common mistake on this 14ers. This time, we did it right.

My son, Steve, smiling on top of Snowmass Mountain

In the Fall of 1999, after one season of technical climbing, I went to the Horsetooth Hang climbing event in Fort Collins, Colorado. This is more of a party than a climbing competition and was a lot of fun. In this shot, taken by John Benson, I'm struggling up the Cat Eye Wall at Rotary Park, Horsetooth Reservior.

Cat Eye Wall at Rotary Park, Horsetooth Reservior