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Castle Rock Lower Falls
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Boulder Canyon Ice

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Saturday, February 28th, Suzy and I had the pleasure of attending a Fort Collins Group CMC trip, lead by Russ Morgenstern and Susan Tracy, to the Castle Rock Lower Falls, in Boulder Canyon, Boulder, Colorado. Barely 1/8th of a mile up the canyon from Castle Rock, the Lower Falls is an easy 5 minute approach.

Castle Rock Lower Falls Ice, Boulder Canyon, taken from the road

As the rest of us geared up at the base of the falls, Russ and Susan set up topropes above the first step for a wide range of climbing possibilities at WI3-4.

Castle Rock lower Falls Ice, Boulder Canyon, Boulder, Colorado

This year at least, the Lower Falls ice was in better condition than the Upper Falls, and it had some interesting and fun variations to play with. In this shot, Susan delicately works up through the thin - hollow ice on the left side of the falls.

Susan Morgenstern on the Castle Rock Lower Falls Ice, Boulder Canyon, Boulder, Colorado

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