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As an up and coming old guy, I have become increasingly aware of the injury potential that comes with age and strenuous activities such as climbing. I have personally suffered four elbow tendon tears in four years. So, naturally, I will have health and fitness at the top of this page, and you can be sure I'll have a few articles on joint and Tendon problems listed.

Health & Fitness
ALTITUDE: Acclimatization to Intermediate Altitudes
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Old Wyoming homestead, southwest of Laramie, right after a brief but harsh winter snowstorm I'm a wanna-be but far from it photographer too, so check out the photo section if you want to improve those disappointing pictures at the crag. I find digital cameras are great for making you appear better than you really are, simply because of the amount of pictures you can take without the cost of film; sooner or later, you'll get at least one good shot.

Climbing photography: some tips By Q.-Tuan Luong
Climbing photography tips
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Miscellaneous Climbing
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